SpellSpace Tarot: Free Tarot Readings, Plus Buy Love Spells, Tarot Cards & Love Potions.It's 'Your place for Tarot and Spells'. Unlimited free Tarot Readings linked to recommended Spells. Buy Love Spells and other Spells, which are based on your amazingly accurate reading.      The SpellStore has Love Potions, Tarot Cards, Magical Dried Herbs, Magical Elements, and other wonder therapeutic products to enhance your life.

  Home:  SpellSpace Tarot: A refreshing new tarot site that offers a real live and amazingly authentic tarot reading, and sound yet powerful recommended spells, completely free. The only site on the Web, which offers a free Tarot Reading that has been linked to relevant spell recommendations and no membership is required. Much research was done into the development of our Spells, which can be purchased at the SpellStore. We use known and authentic ingredients, elements and spirits, which have been used from ancient Egypt, to Pagan, Jewish and other traditions. In order to maintain the power and karma needed in providing an authentic real time Tarot Reading and Spell, we took some complicated and necessary steps, which are noted in our “About our Tarot Readings and Spells” link. SpellSpace is “your place for tarot and spells. SpellStore has Love Potions, Tarot Cards, Magical Dried Herbs, Magical Elements, and other wonder therapeutic products to enhance your life.

The only place on the web that gives you free personalized spell recommendations based on a fun and amazingly accurate tarot reading. Once you finish your tarot reading, elegant and magical spells are recommended to help enhance your life.  ©2007 SpellSpace Inc

           About Our Tarot Readings and Spells:  SpellSpace was developed with intent to offer a real live and authentic tarot reading, and amazingly sound and powerful recommended spells. This is the only site on the Web which offers a Tarot Reading that has been linked to relevant spell recommendations, designed to enhance your life. Much research was done into the development of our Spells, we use known and authentic ingredients, elements and spirits, which have been used from ancient Egypt, to Pagan, Jewish and other traditions. In order to maintain the power and karma needed in providing an authentic real time Tarot Reading and Spell, we took some complicated and necessary steps, which are noted below.

Our Tarot Readings:  An experienced and excellent Tarot Reader, who has had compelling and accurate historical results, created these readings. Working with a technical programmer, together they duplicated the process, karma, strength and feel of a real reading. The Tarot Reader is in essence providing the reading directly to you, it is her words, interpretation and aura, which surround this site. Many other sites use gimmicks that ask a person to chose their cards, then either ask a question or select a card. Then a computer uses formulas to display a card and the description and written information referenced. This is a complete disconnect with a Tarot Reader or the cards. It must be understood that the Tarot Reader chooses their cards and decides on the layout and interpretation. Our Tarot Reader used her own cards, which were scanned into the web site. She personally typed in the results, created the connections and significance of all the cards, the positions, overall impressions and special readings. During our test phase, many users have contacted us in astonishment at the accuracy of the readings. We know we succeeded because of this. We will begin to post other feedback about our readings when we launch the site to the public. We went even further in providing the features of MySpellSpace, where you can track your reading trends, and graphs. You will see for yourself.
Note that it is possible for a male to be seen as a female but this is not indicative of sexual orientation. This is referencing either personality or feelings at the time and in the position of the layout. Likewise a female can be seen as a male in the cards, this is most common for women who are providers, protectors and/or are career oriented. Please note trends and special readings that continually appear. Remember that life is changing constantly, so your cards may change significantly on the day to day, or immediate outcomes. However, your final outcome and repeated special readings, are usually indicative of the inevitable.

Our Spell Kits:  Our Tarot Reader has tied spell recommendations to the readings. It is normal for a Tarot Reader to provide advice for what is represented in the cards, however we also provide help in enhancing your life through the use of our Spell Kits. Note that SpellSpace is only offering benevolent spells as we want to maintain a positive aura within our site, services and products. Thus we do not provide hex spells or use ingredients, traditions or elements known to be used for evil, to hinder or harm any one or thing. Our spells focus on what Mother Nature and the Universe offers us. The female is very highly regarded because of the fertile, psychic and peaceful elements that exude her. We provide everything which is needed to perform a spell. There are some spells, which work best when there is a full or new moon, and if so, the instructions will indicate such. Our potions are only created when there are either a full or new moon, and we surround the environment with Myrrh to ensure potency. We use quality items and genuine rituals to maintain authenticity.
We must caution users to be certain about casting a spell, especially as it relates to love and wealth. Be absolutely sure that it is your desire and are willing to accept all consequences. Protection and Psychic spells are always good for any reason.

A final disclaimer, required by the civil world we live in. SpellSpace does not make any representations or guarantees and you use our products and services at your own risk.

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Start Reading: Click on the second candle at the top to start your personal and complete Tarot Reading. Spells will be recommended based with your final outcome and overall impression.  You can purchase these all inclusive spell kits from the SpellStore.  To start your reading, just follow these steps. 1. Click the cards three times to shuffle, note that you are actually shuffling the cards with this action. 2. Click one more time to cut the deck and deal your readings.  2. Finally click on the cards one last time to reveal your personalized reading and spell recommendations. 4. Make sure to SAVE your reading in History by registering a login and password.  You will be able to view trends as you complete more readings.       

SpellStore:  Click on the third candle at the top to enter the SpellStore where you can find fun and exciting ‘Love’, ‘Protection’, ‘Success’ and ‘Psychic’ Spells in complete kits, Tarot Cards and Book Sets, and other intriguing magical products.  Email a snapshot of these Spells, Tarot Cards and other products of interest to your friends.  Save to wish list or place in shopping cart for future purchase. 

           Spell Kits™:  For enriching your love life, success or relationships. Everything that you need to perform a spell is included in the kit.  These are beautifully created using authentic techniques dating back up to thousands of years, from Egyptian,  Jewish, Spanish, Italian, and other traditions.

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MySpellSpace: Click on the fourth candle at the top to enter MySpellSpace, to activate your personalized Tarot Room, Tarot History and Tarot Diary.Here you can save, view and share your readings and spells.

           Tarot History:  Tarot readings snapshot, final outcome, special readings, overall impressions and Spell recommendations are saved and can be viewed, rated and annotated.    Select a reading to display in your Tarot Room (future).

           Tarot Diary:  Notes made in Tarot History or Tarot Room are noted chronologically in date order. Spellspace alerts and other important notices are noted in your diary.  Entries can be edited, deleted or added. 

           Tarot Room: Display a Tarot reading and recommended Spells for friends and family to view and leave you comments on.  Live online tarot readings, while friends watch,  will be available  in the future.  

           Profile: A place to personalize your "MySpellSpace" with your horoscope, personal message, and authorize friends who can view select readings in your "Tarot Room".

Links and Testimonials: SpellSpace testimonials about our authentic and accurate Tarot Readings. Recommended partners who offer a variety of  products and service, and we recommend.


“I'm sometimes in awe at the deep insight and accuracy of your tarot readings! Just a note of appreciation during a very intense Tower time in this month of 9's!”
E.L., AZ

"A magical place''
J.P ., NJ

"I went to your site and totally enjoyed it. Says I MUST leave my current job!"
D. R., PA

The site is easy to use and visually appealing. My reading was very accrurate given what is going on in my life right now both personally and professionally. I like the fact that the reading was automatically saved."
J. P., RI

"The site is wonderful!"
M. S., CA

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