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There are five candles at the top of SpellSpace, “your place for tarot and spells”®. When you hover over the candles the page information will be revealed. Once you click on a candle it will burn out and take you to its page. If you click on the SpellSpace Logo it will take you to the home page. More help information can be accessed by clicking on the medallions at the top of each page. A pop-up information box will open. Here are the Navigation areas:

1st Candle is Welcome
: Information about the happenings and specials at SpellSpace Tarot, a social network world for Divination.

2nd Candle is Start Reading
: Shuffle the cards 3 times, cut and deal. Then click the "Next Position" buttons to read the entire reading. At the end, you can click on “Email Reading” or "Save Reading" button to access the “My Spell Recommendations” page so you can add incantation recommendations to your cart, access recommended products, SAVE your reading and make a Diary entry.

3rd Candle is
SpellStore®: Purchase metaphysical products that include Love Spells, Protection Spells, Money Spells, Luck Spells, Tarot Cards and Book Sets, Magical Herbs, Potions, Incense, Candles and Elements. Add to your shopping cart for purchase now or later. Access your shopping cart anytime by clicking on the hyperlink on top. To PURCHASE an item, click on that image and add to your cart. Then click on the CHECKOUT hyperlink in the Shopping Cart box to the left. SpellStore® policy, shipping, and order information can be accessed by clicking on the top right “Support” button within the store. Checkout is secured with SSL certificate, your information is safe.

4th Candle is MySpellSpace
: Must be a registered member to access. Provides a full profile view of your divination information including membership level, last reading, spell recommendation, trends, average rating, Tarot Room® stats, horoscope and moon phase. You can limit to Private for friends viewing or Public for anyone to view. Activates all MySpellSpace Tabs to left, see details below.

5th Candle is
Join: Register your log in email and password so you can save your readings and have access to all the MySpellSpace features. Basic membership is completely free, limited number of saved reading per day, and provides most features, but cannot save Tarot Rooms® . Premium membership can be purchased on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, and provides all features and can save up to 15 readings per day (5 regular and 10 Tarot Room®). Premium members get discounts, email unlimited readings, get free products and have the ability to saveTarot Rooms® and more.

Membership Levels: The more you use SpellSpace features, purchase products, refer friends, the more points you earn! Get more discounts, free products offers, if you reach the top SUN level!
• 1-Sun: Premium members only
• 2 – Mercury: Premium members only
• 3 – Venus: Premium members start at this level. Basic members can only reach up to Venus level.
• 4 – Moon: Basic members only.
• 5 – Earth– New Basic members start at Moon level.

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About Our Readings – Click on the About Our Readings hyperlink at the top to find out more information about our Tarot Reader, the Tarot Cards and layout used. We explain why our readings are accurate and how we developed the recommended Spells. Our background and research put into developing this wonderful divination site of Tarot and Spells. We are only proud about the result but we also ensured that only positive , good karma and the goodness of the Mother Goddess was used in developing SpellSpace, “your place for tarot and spells”®. Opens in a pop-up window.
Copyright Info – Click on the Copyright Info hyperlink at the bottom to find out information about our Copyright and Trademark information. We also have details about the Tarot of the Old Path and the wonderful painting by Theodore Von Holst we feature in our Welcome page. Opens in a pop-up window.
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Terms of Use
– Click on the Terms of Use hyperlink to find information on the legal terms for using our site and how to contact us. A pop-up window will appear with this information.
Help - Provides this information.
Links and Tools- Testimonials, SpellSpace recommended websites and SpellSpace gadgets and tools can be accessed here.
Press- Access SpellSpace Tarot Press Releases.

MySpellSpace Tabs – Once you have joined SpellSpace (either basic or premium membership), your MySpellSpace tabs, to the left, will become active and you will be able to access your "History", "Diary", "Profile", "Tarot Room®" and “My Cards” by clicking on these TABS. If you click on any of these tabs, and you are not logged in, you will be redirected to the SIGN IN page. Once your log in is successful you will be redirected back. The SpellSpace tab features are:

Audio ON/OFF Button – IIf you want to listen to music and have your reading read out loud, click on the Audio On button.(Coming soon!)